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Why Surrey, BC is a Preferred Choice for Home Buyers?

Since the beginning of 2024, the real estate market has picked up pace and there is a noticeable change in consumer sentiment towards housing. To keep up with the changing real estate market you would benefit greatly from a local area expert who has your best interest at heart and is dedicated to helping you step into your dream home. Buying your first home is frankly one of the largest purchases of your lifetime and at SoldBySukhraj we believe that you deserve to work with the Best Realtor in Surrey who understands what it takes to buy a home and is readily available to help you at each step of this transaction.

Surrey has established itself as a hub of business and education. It is the fastest growing city in the province of British Columbia and has a huge potential and opportunities for new immigrants. With the announcement of the University of British Columbia’s extension in Surrey, there is a huge demand for housing in the Surrey, Downtown area. 

Let’s review what you should consider when you are shopping for a house in Surrey, BC.

1. Set your budget:

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You need to be financially ready for this transaction. The extent of your planning will help you overcome sudden expenses. It is best to use a spreadsheet and track everything. As your preferred Surrey MLS Realtor, I will share some tested spreadsheets to help you budget for the purchase. This includes the house price, taxes, insurance, moving cost, legal costs and minor touchups and repairs. It helps to be prepared and stay on track.

2. Know your needs and wants.

When you are looking for features in your house, it helps a lot if you are clear about the needs and wants. Do you need a fenced backyard for kids and pets to play? Do you need a patio for those summer evenings and BBQ get-togethers with your friends? Do you need an AC for those summer days? Do you want a driveway to park 4 cars? Do you want to be close to Hwy to access work every day? It is best to make a list and prioritize the absolute deal breakers.

3. Location is the key.

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The location of your house plays a big role, especially in Surrey. If you are closer to schools, groceries, and temples, you would be paying a premium for that location. Location not only adds to the convenience of dropping kids at school or accessing the highway for work, but it also helps in appreciating the value of your asset. You will need to set a budget based on the location. Similarly, if you are selling a house in the most desired location, it will get sold quickly and will fetch top dollars. Let your local Surrey Realtor help you market your house to the masses and let their experience work for you.

4. Type of house.

Do you prefer a detached single-family home for its privacy and land value? Or, do you want to live maintenance-free in a condo apartment type of building? It’s best to review your lifestyle and decide on what kind of property is best for you. If you are a busy individual who works long hours 6 days a week, you will appreciate it if you don’t have to mow your lawn and clean the snow.

5. Affordable house pricing

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Surrey is brimming with amenities and besides central access to all major cities in the metro Vancouver area, Surrey’s real estate market is still considered value for money. On average, the houses in Surrey, BC are more affordable and budget-friendly compared to the rest of the greater Vancouver areas. With the promising potential in Surrey, the prices of real estate are poised to increase thus creating a perfect opportunity to buy/invest in Surrey. With the availability of Luxury homes to affordable condo apartments, it caters to buyers from all walks of life. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie or you have a large family, Surrey offers 30 30-minute’ drive to mountains and lakes, and a large plethora of restaurants and recreation centers to entertain all generations. Did I mention that it takes just 20 minutes southbound drive to the US border and that is a great advantage if you work or often shop in the US?

While these are some of the tips you can use to select your property in Surrey, however, as your local Surrey Real Estate Agent, I will be helping you throughout your real estate journey. If you are planning to buy a house or list your House for Sale in Surrey, work with a team that has a lot of experience, reputation, and credibility in the market.  You should take advantage of our flat fee model which saves thousands of dollars when you list with us. We are just a phone call away and I can meet at your home and provide customized suggestions based on your unique property. Feel free to book a session with me by calling 604-404-1100 or reaching out via social media.
Why Surrey, BC is a Preferred Choice for Home Buyers?

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