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What to look for when hiring a Realtor:

Let’s be honest. A house purchase or sale is frankly one of the most important decisions of your lifetime and you need someone experienced to help you navigate through the local market conditions. If you are in the market to buy or sell the house of your dreams, you should engage a professional MLS Real Estate agent . There are many Realtors in Surrey and Delta, however, if you follow these criteria, you should be able to find someone who could help you save thousands of dollars. Ask these questions to find if you have a trusted Realtor who is looking out for you instead of just the benefit from this transaction.

Here are a few qualifiers on your checklist to choose a right Realtor:

1. How many years of experience: Ask the Realtor you are interviewing about the experience in the local real estate market. Your realtor should know the details of the cyclical nature of your local market and that alone could help you save thousands of dollars.

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2. Look out for the Buyer: Your realtor should clearly lay out how they will support you through your buying experience. From accompanying a buyer to the showings, providing comparative market analysis for similar properties and being available to answer questions a buyer may have.

3. Strategy to sell a home:  Your Surrey Realtor should be able to discuss the advertising and marketing plan they will implement to prepare and sell your listing for real estate. The marketing strategy is the key. Your Surrey Realtor should have experience in utilizing the power of social media and advertise your home on all major platforms to give it the exposure to sell fast. If your MLS Real Estate Agent is an expert at conducting open houses, ask them to lay out a detailed plan for the open houses, showings, and staging of the home. Steer clear of realtors who are still utilizing traditional techniques and could possibly cost you time and money in this transaction.

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4. Gauge Buyer’s readiness: Hire a realtor in Surrey BC who can discuss in detail and gauge buyer’s readiness in the home purchase process. Your MLS real estate agent should know how much down payment a buyer can contribute, if the buyer is ready for sudden expenses, if the location is the best match for the buyer’s needs etc. This is only possible if your MLS real estate agent has time and inclination to work with you. Each buyer has different financial requirements. An experienced MLS real estate agent should be able to discuss the most suitable approach with the buyer.

5. Previous references and testimonials: Good work and testimonials goes a long way in this industry. If your local Surrey Realtor has helped clients save money in real estate transactions, ask for references, and check their google reviews to learn more about your realtor’s credibility in the local market. Your gut feeling tells you a lot when you meet your realtor. If he/she is a right match for you, you will know.

While these are some of the tips you can use to shortlist your Surrey realtor you can always meet a few realtors before finalizing the one. At SoldBySukhraj we have a lot of experience, reputation, and credibility in the market.  You should use our flat fee model which saves thousands of dollars. I am just a phone call away and I can meet at your home and provide customized suggestions based on your unique property. Feel free to book a session with me by calling 604-404-1100 or reaching out via social media.

What to look for when hiring a realtor

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